Hello! I'm Vivi, the Boss Lady at Aesro Design. 

Makers gonna make. I'm a maker to my core. I started making things from a young age to entertain myself while mom played mahjong for hours with the aunties once a week during my summer vacations in Hong Kong. Always with my messenger bag full of paper, ribbon, glue, scissors, and whatever knick-knacks I'd find around the house, I would create things like little animal cut-outs or paper jewelry to entertain myself. My childhood hobbies subconsciously drew my path towards an art career. 

After art school, I worked in fashion and online advertising. When the internet bubble burst, I had an opportunity to choose a new career path and become a letterpress printer. I learned how to print, bought 25,000 pounds of machinery, and that became my life. Fifteen years, a Cuban husband, two teenagers, and four dogs later, I decided to take a break from printing. 

Back a few months ago, I started working with fabric and created a small collection of face masks. As covid numbers started to go down and restrictions lifted, I shifted my focus, from fabric to leather.

Fast forward to now, I dusted off the vintage heat stamper and die cutter and started working with leather, a medium I love as much as paper. Creating things with leather is my new project for the moment. I've taken a slightly different approach from my letterpress printing days. Rather than producing large quantities with automated presses, I am making pieces by hand, in small batches. This lets me be creative on a smaller scale and allows me to spend more time with my family.

Thank you for visiting Aesro Design!